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Day: April 22, 2023

Association of Consulting Engineers Professional Services Agreement 2017

The Association of Consulting Engineers (ACE) has introduced the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) 2017, which is a significant update to the previous PSA 2015. The PSA is a contract between a client and a consulting engineer that outlines the scope of work, fees, and other terms and conditions for engineering services.

The PSA 2017 has been designed to reflect the changing nature of the engineering industry, with a focus on providing greater clarity and certainty for both clients and consulting engineers. The new agreement includes a number of updates that address specific issues in the industry, including the provision of digital services, the use of Building Information Modeling (BIM), and the importance of sustainable development.

One of the key updates in the PSA 2017 is the inclusion of a digital services schedule. This schedule outlines the specific digital services that the consulting engineer will provide, including the use of BIM. BIM is an increasingly important tool in the engineering industry, as it allows engineers to create 3D models of buildings and infrastructure projects that can be used to visualize and analyze the project more effectively.

The PSA 2017 also places a greater emphasis on sustainable development. This is reflected in the inclusion of a sustainability schedule, which requires the consulting engineer to consider the environmental impact of the project and to provide advice on how to minimize that impact.

Another important change in the PSA 2017 is the inclusion of a dispute resolution mechanism. This mechanism provides a clear process for resolving disputes between the client and the consulting engineer, which can help to avoid costly and time-consuming legal action.

Overall, the PSA 2017 is an important update to the previous agreement, as it reflects the changing nature of the engineering industry and provides greater clarity and certainty for both clients and consulting engineers. By including new schedules for digital services and sustainability, as well as a dispute resolution mechanism, the PSA 2017 is a valuable tool for any engineering project.